Google Exec hints next Android update coming this fall

Google Exec hints next Android update coming this fall

Just few days ago, DigiTimes said that Google will launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in Q2 2012, and the update will be optimized for tablet PCs because somehow OEMs are not happy with ICS. Well, we aren’t buying into it. We always prefer listening to the sounds right from the company; think of it and it happens. Google Exec spilled some beans about the next Android update which will be launched as Android 5.0 a.k.a Jelly Bean. 

ICS is still available to a very limited percentage of Android devices and wordon street is that Jelly Bean will be out in summer. At MWC, Google had few words with Computer World and stated that next update will be out in fall. Have a look on what Google Exec Hiroshi Lockheimer said:

After Android 4 comes 5, and we haven’t announced the timing yet, which we’re still sorting out. There’s a lot of engineering work behind it still, and there’s also just the question of how to time it. In general, the Android release cadence is one major release a year with some maintenance releases that are substantial still.

Folks, nothing is written in stone right now, so let’s just wait for the official announcement. Google I/O is in June, and hopefully we will see Jelly Bean there. I think that Google will just make an announcement at the event and then after few months, they will make it available to the masses. As Jelly Bean will be more focused on “tablet PCs”, there’s a possibility that the next update is only for tablets; like Honeycomb. ICS was actually an attempt to gather all Android devices on same page. Fingers crossed.

Tell us what do you think about Jelly Bean in the comment box below.

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  1. Sean Prunka
    February 28, 12:08 Reply

    After the hype of ICS being the merging of the Tablet OS and the Phone OS, they would be foolish indeed to release JB as a “Tablet Only OS”…

    • Thade780
      February 28, 13:32 Reply

      Well, Honeycomb was targeted to tablets so I wouldn’t be that surprised. Still, I’d be quite annoyed.

      • nory826
        February 29, 17:30 Reply

        What sean means is that the android team worked too hard to make ICS the platform for both phones and tablets , that there is no way that the next release would be only for tablets. Jellybean will build off ICS and be for both phones and tablets. One universal OS

  2. Alexia50513
    February 28, 13:09 Reply

    We know is in December like always . Not this fall

  3. Eric Springer
    February 28, 17:10 Reply

    Been on several sites now claiming Jelly Bean will be 5.0?  Where is this comming from, Can someone site the original source? I have a hard time believing it.  Look at the history of Android: Major release then a minor – 4.0 ICS was a major release we are due for a minor so 4.x (will x be 1 or 2 or 5?  who knows) but 5.0 I highly doubt it.

  4. Michalp
    February 29, 06:25 Reply

    Ics is great not sure why oems aren’t happy.

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