March 30, 2015

Motorola throws Siri and Voice Actions into the ring...Voice Actions wins?

Siri vs. Voice Acition

It seems like anytime that Apple launches something that’s already in existence, the media goes into maddened convulsions. Drop down notifications? Yeah, Apple wasn’t the first to that. Split keyboard on a tablet? Nope, not first for that either (and still not the best). Such is the case with Siri. While no one can deny the conversational charm that Siri possesses, it certainly wasn’t the first voice recognition software, and I still wouldn’t necessarily consider it the best.

Motorola seems to have the same doubts, and recently did promo videos of them putting Siri to the test versus Google’s own Voice Actions. What was the verdict? Well, it wasn’t in Siri’s favor. Check out the video’s below for the full rundown and let us know in the comments: Which voice recognition software do you use and how does it fair against Siri?

Source Engadget



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    I agree with Jamie to a certain extent, but sitting at home you can get hours of amusement just seeing how many mistakes they make. Recently I asked a certain voice assistant to send a message to my son asking him if he liked the new big clock I had put on my homescreen. Yip, you guessed right, the finished message read, “what do you think of the big cock I’ve added to my homescreen”. See, hours of fun! Lol.

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