Trend Micro releases Longevity Battery Saver (beta)

Trend Micro releases Longevity Battery Saver (beta)

Ever download a handful of new apps only to find that one of them is a huge battery drain?  Something, somewhere is chewing through your battery levels and you can’t quite figure out which one it is.  Trend Micro understand this situation happens quite a bit so they created a new app to help users get more from their handsets.  Take a look at their beta application, Longevity Batter Saver.

Leveraging the power of the mighty cloud, Trend Micro’s app is able to look through your new apps and games and determine which of them are going to have a big impact on your precious juice.  In addition to analyzing the guilty apps, Longevity Battery Saver also alerts users when their handset begins to consume battery quicker than normal.  This way you can swoop into action and turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, or kill a few games running in the background.

For those of you who want to extend the device as long as possible without going completely off the grid, you’ll enjoy the Just-A-Phone mode which enables voice and text without much else. Rest assured knowing that people can still reach you if they need to but without all the other little stuff sipping on your battery.


  • Just-a-Phone mode – enables a user with limited technical know-how to turn off the majority of battery draining functions, and just enable the basic things that allow their device to perform as a phone.  It can extend the battery life of the phone by up to several hours.
  • Fast Drain alert – warns users when their phone has started to consume battery faster than normal, so they can take immediate action.
  • Power Hog App Alert – utilizes one-of-a-kind cloud intelligence to alert users when a new app they just downloaded consumes a great deal of battery power or negatively impacts the battery life of their smartphone.

Download Trend Micro’s Longevity Battery Saver for free on any Android 2.2 device or higher.  Yep, even tablets!


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