Rumor: HTC Jewel to crown Sprint’s LTE network?

There were some fantastic announcements this week at MWC, there’s no denying. Those keeping track may have noticed a curious silence on the Sprint end of things however, particularly from the HTC camp. Maybe there’s a reason for that… PocketNow has received a bit of rumoring from a trusted informant of theirs, and it appears that the Now Network will be receiving its share of HTC One goodness in the form of a device code-named the HTC Jewel.

According to the informant, the Jewel will be a larger device featuring a high-definition screen (as is the norm these days), with the added caveat of LTE connectivity. As PocketNow mentioned, this would make sense given HTC’s history of being Sprint‘s guinea pig for new network debuts. The informant gave no information regarding any potential pricing or release date, though if you go by previous history, you can expect sometime around June for $200 with a contract. Hopefully, when CTIA hits, we can get some good wholesome information from HTC and/or Sprint.

What do you think? Are you gunning for a Sprint phone this year? Are you waiting more for HTC or for Samsung or for some other device? Let us know in the comments!

Source PocketNow

  • Joey Heck

    I’ve been with HTC and Android since the day the Hero was released on Sprint. I’ve been saddened by the small adoption of the Evo 3D and slightly disappointed by the HTC One. I think I’ll be switching to a Samsung if the S3 matches the HTC One’s specs.

    • Doctorrecon

      There is no way on this earth, even witha free phone I would go with sprint. Customer service is horrid. Is the store a licenced dealer or corp store.? Any problems you are virtually guaranteed to get screwed. And now with a fifteen day policy ,any issues outside of two weeks is sure to be met with terrible results. Imo go with a trusted carrier not a trusted phone. $200 phone if peanuts compared to a $375 early termination fee and a brick for a phone. Just saying

  • Aading09

    All my Android phones have been HTC and I have been waiting for something thinner and well design to come to sprint from HTC, that time has just arrived.

  • Vperl

    HTC I will see what Sprint offers. Removable battery, LTE , Google wallet, removable memory,and a 4G LTE that actually worksin more areas than the Sprint stores. Go two blocks Way, no 4G.
    But still pay the ten dollars, for service you never get.

  • Guest

    It’s about F-ing time!  I got a Hero 4 days after the initial Sprint release in the fall of 2009.  When my 2 year contract came up in the fall of 2011, there was what…exactly…waiting for me?  An old Evo?  An Evo 3D??  As I wanted to stick with HTC, I resisted changing to the new Samsung Galaxy S Epic 2.  Figure it out HTC…make the Jewel available to me before my Hero finally dies!!

  • i am waiting for HTC ONE … please hurry up, i can’t wait.  My contract is up for renewal from ATT.

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