T-Mobile to offer quad-core, stock Android 4.0 variant of HTC One?

With all of the official HTC news coming out of Barcelona this week we were pleasantly surprised to learn of a few new rumors.  One such leak was that Sprint is expected to offer a variant of the HTC One later this spring, possibly under the name of HTC Jewel.  Considered a codename for now, it would make sense for Sprint to brand it under their EVO umbrella, possibly as an EVO HD.

Another rumor that will likely gain a quick following is that T-Mobile will be carrying a stock Android 4.0 experience in an HTC smartphone.  What’s more, it is suggested that it will be the quad-core HSPA model as opposed to the dual-core 4G LTE stuff that AT&T is getting.  In other words, a non-Sense HTC One for the nation’s 4th largest carrier.

As much as the enthusiast crowd likes to put chipset benchmarks against each other and crown devices as king of the mountain, it’s general consumers that drive Android adoption. Ask the average buyer to tell you the processor speed, type, or brand of their phone and watch their face.  They pretty much don’t care what it is inside nor how it scores on Quadrant.  Their focus is typically on price first and experience second.

Still, that’s not say there’s not a crowd looking for vanilla Android 4.0 on a quad-core smartphone.


  • Iucidium

    If this is true I might actually be T-Mobile UKs whore again.

  • jacktx42

    I’m looking for vanilla Android 4.0 on a quad-core processor. Don’t need the extra doctoring, especially, when it’s not really broken to begin with.

  • If this is true for Tmobile I’m sold!

  • Brie

    This makes me very hopeful as I have decided after getting the Samsung Vibrant that I am going to only get a Google Nexus branded phone.  But if this is vanilla I may just have to rethink the idea.  This would make a great Nexus phone though  🙂

  • G.A.22

    The next unofficial nexus phone…
    The hTC nexus One X 2… 4+1…
    Seems like hTC is catching on to what people really want…
    Who would have thunk it…
    Green with jealously…
    T mobile really needed this…

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  • nory826

    If this is true, my galaxy nexus is going on Craigslist lol quad core tegra3 and vanilla ice cream sandwich? Goodbye Galaxy nexus

  • Lqzak

    why does it have old style soft keys?!

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