AT&T: We’ll throttle ‘Unlimited’ plans at 3GB for 3G, 5GB for 4G LTE

AT&T today confirmed exactly where it is that they will reduce data speeds for their unlimited data plans.  In a statement provided to CNET, the carrier advised that 3G users will see a slowdown (throttle) at 3GB of data usage whereas 4G LTE subscribers get 5GB before reduction.  Those users who are on a plan with a set amount of data will not incur any throttling.

Some of you may recall the recent news of AT&T found to be slowing data connection for unlimited plan users after only 2GB of consumption.   While the carrier was quick to say that there was no specific point in which speeds would be reduced, they reconfirmed that it was those top 5% users who would be  affected.

The reason reduced speeds only apply to unlimited smartphone customers is because their data usage is significantly higher than those on tiered plans. For example, in January, the top 5 percent of our unlimited data plan customers used an average of over 50 percent more data than the top 5 percent of customers on tiered plans.

AT&T reminds us that users 95% of their unlimited users won’t see any difference in performance and that everything resets at the start of a new billing cycle.

  • someone just please take these bastards to court, please. if a car dealership sold a car & then when the customer came to pick it up there were no wheels, or some other part missing, they would be taken to court. you do NOT sell a product that is blatantly stating one thing, & then blatantly state that even tho you’ve sold the product, you are going to change it, after it’s sold. this is called fraud. plain & simple. there’s no grey area, no “oh you still get service it’s just slow”. NO. gas doesn’t stop working after you’ve bought it. it doesn’t make it so your car can go only 25MPG after 150 miles. NO. this would be insanity. call it what it is. fraud. scam. baiting. etc. any other industry would get slammed from all sides for pulling this garbage. big telecom should NOT get a pass just cuz they employ lobbyists to rub oiled up benjamins on the bodies of skanky congressmen & women. it may be funny to some, or not matter to others, but all ISP’s do this. throttling of data, whether for mobile, or home use, should be succinctly outlawed, with stiff, MASSIVELY STEEP penalties for offender ISP’s, backed up by random, no holds barred, 3rd party audits. anyone that uses internet of any kind, has experienced this at some point, whether you realize it or not. yes, including Big Red. have i noticed throttling of my mobile data? no. home data? yes. it needs to be stopped. it’s employment is misleading, scammy, & boldy abusive loopholes in existing consumer protection laws that would nuke this in any other industry in a quick second. #rantover

  • That seems terrible, cause most of us are expecting better service of 3G or 4G network.