Verizon to offer family data plans by the middle of the year

Later this year, Verizon will be offering family data plans, which should help heavy data users by bringing multiple caps under one umbrella. Of course, this also has the potential to screw some people out of data usage, depending on how they implement it. We shall simply have to see. At an investor conference, Verizon CTO Fran Shammo spoke of the plans and Verizon’s extensive research into the data plans, and their approach in handling them. Shammo stated that

(it’s) a very complex equation because we have to make sure that it’s good for Verizon and it’s also good for our customer. It’s important to realize that the day we launch this account billing, everybody won’t be migrating to the account billing day one. This is going to be a long-term migration into where we want to get data plan sharing, but this will be more of a 4G play.

Given that it’s a focus on 4G, there’s a possibility that some sort of LTE inclusion will be mandatory, but of course we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully this will be beneficial to everyone, and not a shady ploy to make more money by shivving their customers.

So, Verizon customers, sound off! What do you think about this development? Positive or negative? Let us know in the comments!

Source PhoneScoop