16GB version of Galaxy Nexus due in early April

16GB version of Galaxy Nexus due in early April

Verizon is expected to carry a 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, according to details obtained by Droid Life.  Priced at $199 it would be $100 less than the 32GB model that came out in late 2011 and likely just as popular, if not more.  Sounds a lot like what happened with the original Droid Razr, no?

We’re not sure what the numbers are for the current model but we imagine the $199 (with two year agreement) is much more in line with what people want to spend for their smartphones.  And when you can pick up a 16GB microSD card for less than $10 it’s a much better bargain!  Still, it’s not quite as good as picking up a 32GB Galaxy Nexus for $99 from Amazon.

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  1. sfbubu
    March 05, 21:18 Reply

    Where is a microSD card reader inside Galaxy Nexus ? 

    • gopmatt
      March 05, 21:36 Reply

      There isnt one.. this is the dumbest and ill prepare d article ive ever read..


      • sfbubu
        March 05, 22:17 Reply

        I agree…
        I’ve never seen microSd with my Galaxy Nexus, but in case of GSM version had it, I asked.

        • gopmatt
          March 05, 22:19 Reply

          I have the gsm version….. no version of galaxy nexus has a sd slot… the Nexus S did not either… i also had the LTE VZ wireless version does not have it as well…..

          • sfbubu
            March 05, 22:56

            Well, it’s a big mistake for this article…

  2. broadband providers
    March 06, 05:22 Reply

    Google Nexus is really an amazing Smartphone. I think this is the first smartphone to have NFC technology. Google and Samsung together gave this smartphone during last year. These models don’t have a Micro SD slot in it.

  3. Ben-Jamin
    March 07, 12:27 Reply

    epic fail. How did you not know it has no SD besides GGlass its the biggest flaw

  4. Dave Haynie
    March 08, 13:31 Reply

    I love my GN, but without the option for SD, I would have skipped it at only 16GB. Of course, they could include the mSD slot in the 16GB version, just as Motorola at least partially fixed the RAZR’s fatal flaw with the introduction of the RAZR MAXX. 

    Really, though, I wish the Android OEMs would keep being Android: SD, battery, etc. You can’t beat Apple by becoming Apple… you have to be better. 

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