March 31, 2015

AT&T announces Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox, confirms Android 4.0 for HTC Vivid


Recently, AT&T proudly confirmed that they will be launching the HTC One X exclusively in USA, which is HTC’s first ever quad-core device featuring ICS and Sense 4.0. One of the features that stands out for the device is that it comes with Beats Audio integration, an enhanced audio experience.  Now AT&T is extending their accessories lineup by adding some Beats Audio goodies.

They have officially announced that they will launch the Dr. Dre Beatbox on March 11 for $399, which is a high-end wireless audio system. Along with it, AT&T will also bring Beats Audio Wireless HD Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, Beats Solo HD Headphones and UR Beats In-ear Headphones for $280, $200 and $99 respectively. All these accessories will be available in AT&T stores and on online stores as well.

AT&T also confirmed that HTC Vivid will receive ICS in coming weeks:

In the coming weeks, HTC Vivid™ customers will be able to enjoy the optimized audio experience through an upcoming software update that will provide Android 4.0, an updated HTC Sense™ experience and Beats By Dr. Dre Audio profiles.

Hopefully, we will see the update this month. So, anyone planning to pick the “Beats Audio” stuff from AT&T?

Source: AT&T

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  1. Marco Ruiz

    Not sure I’d buy their headphones, already have Bose ones. But I will definitely be picking up an HTC One X. Very excited. 

    • Ashshlay

      I thought they said the u.s. Version wouldn’t be quad core. So which is it? The one x international is for sure but what about AT&T.


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