March 26, 2015

Kindle Fire 2 and another tablet due from Amazon in second half of 2012


We’ve heard on more than one occasion that Amazon has more devices in the Kindle Fire family expected for 2012 so this next bit of news may not be groundbreaking stuff.  According to DigiTimes, Amazon is expecting to release a direct successor to the 7-inch Kindle Fire in the second half of the year.  Likely due in time for the all-important holiday buying season, it would make sense to refresh the model.  Joining the tablet, however, should be a 10-inch model which is to be manufactured by Quanta and Foxconn.  It’s being reported that Amazon is going to skip the 8.9-inch version for now and focus on the larger display size.

If you could design the next Kindle Fire, what feature would you add?



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  1. Tkjtkj

    It’d be nice to see here any reference at all to the recent serious problem with Android: it seems that many users are experiencing the complete loss of the ‘Market’ application!
    Google for:  android market disappears
    for info .. it’s really a very inconvenient and ’cause unknown’ deal!!

  2. SelketXimenna

    I’m happy with my kindle fire. There are 2 things I don’t like about it and one is how heavy it is (annoying for my purse weight), and the fact that I see my own reflection while watching Netflix on my lunch break.


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