Can $90 in freebies help jump-start Droid Xyboard sales?


If you’re subscribed to Motorola’s website then you’ve probably received an email this week, advising that the Droid Xyboard tablets were being offered with limited-time promotions.  For those who are not, Motorola is selling both models with $90 in free accessories in the form of portfolio case and HD dock.   The tablets themselves have not changed and the price still remains unchanged at $399 and up for the 8.2-inch and $499 and up for the 10.1-inch model.

It’s not a secret that Android tablets could be doing much better and that Motorola has yet to really take off with any of their models.  My question to you is whether or not this limited-time bundle adds all that much value to you.  Would you give it any added thought and consider the package?  Or, would you rather Motorola just shave the price off the tablet itself and sell it that way?


  • After the locked bootloader issue with my Bionic, I swore that I would never buy another Moto product.  I don’t care if this thing’s going for $99. It’s not coming into my house.

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  • Tim

    I’m not so concerned about some of the things others have rejected them for (locked bootloader, no ICS), I actually was a little turned off by the price but then have recently reconsidered pretty much due to the fact that it is running pretty much a vanilla Android OS, no MotoBlur/Sense/TouchWiz garbage loaded on. I was really hoping to wait for the possibility of the ASUS 370T, but the latest talks of Google making a deal for it to be a Nexus tablet and the possibility of the specs being lowered to bring it in line with a Kindle Fire price point, I figured I wouldn’t wait. I just ordered the XYBOARD 8.2 (WiFi only). I’m also attracted more to the smaller form factor and not a large 10.1 device. Moto is claiming to have plans for and ICS update in Q3 of this year, here’s hoping. Oh, the other thing that made me considering trying it out is their 30 day trial guarantee.

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