Eldar Murtazin claims Galaxy S III is complete, touts monster specs

Eldar Murtazin claims Galaxy S III is complete, touts monster specs

By now, you might consider the Samsung Galaxy S III to be vaporware, but there is still hope, according to Eldar Murtazin. If the rumors are true, it will be worth the wait. The ceramic housing Murtazin speaks of is only one of the awesome features on the GSIII. Other rumored specs include one of Samsung’s own quad-core processor, a 4.8″ HD screen, all packed in a whopping 7mm thick body.

Murtazin’s tellings haven’t always been right, but this time his rumors seem quite plausible. Once again, let’s hope he’s right because that would mean that by June this year we will be able to buy one of the most awesome devices ever. More on this as it develops.

So what do you think? Is the Galaxy S III real, or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors? Drop a comment below!

Source PhoneArena

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  1. Iucidium
    March 13, 17:53 Reply

    Needs to be 12mm thick with a 3000mah battery.

  2. Gwalt70
    March 13, 18:21 Reply

    Oh here we go again…..becoming a bit fed up with these constant rumours.

  3. Chillhappy
    March 13, 20:59 Reply

    my guess is this guy just got back from a trip to Rumorsville!

  4. Mathew Harding
    March 16, 04:35 Reply

    Eldar Murtazin  for anyone that doesnt know just throws out a best guess and claims it as fact, almost always wrong

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