January 25, 2015

Motorola's ICS timeline not so kind to U.S. Razr owners


Motorola recently adjusted their Android 4.0 update timeline for a number of smartphones and tablets.  Of particular note this time around is that, come the second quarter, the Ice Cream Sandwich update will hit every version of the Razr save for the U.S. model.  Yep – that means that Europe, Africa, Latin America, Korea, Japan… everywhere else but stateside.  Our Verizon-branded model is still in the “evaluation and planning” stage.  The same still goes for the Droid 4, Droid Razr Maxx, and a number of other smartphones.

PHASE 1 – EVALUATION & PLANNING: During this phase, we evaluate the benefits, technical issues and user experience of an upgrade. Generally, we are not able to provide release dates in this stage. There are also some cases in which we can state that an upgrade will happen but are not able to provide a release date. Please note that some products that enter the Evaluation and Planning phase may not complete the upgrade cycle.

Keep in mind that things are always subject to change and that timelines will vary, depending on how a carrier plays ball with Motorola.  We’re bummed for sure, but at least they didn’t scrap it altogether.  Yet.

Respect knuckles to Dale for the heads up.



  1. None

    As soon as the Galaxy Note comes out on Verizon, you will find my Razr in the barrel.

  2. Zachm019

    That was the main reason I switched to that phone because it was promised it would get it!