T-Mobile expands 4G network, talks LTE versus HSPA+84

T-Mobile today announced that they are continuing to expand their 4G network into new markets and speed up data connectivity in others.  A blog post from CTO Neville Ray tells us that select markets in Texas, California, Wisconsin, and Missouri will have access to 4G data speeds.  Additionally, these and other markets are getting HSPA+ speeds today, allowing for super-fast connections for handsets such as the Amaze 4G, Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and others.

[quote_left] With the AT&T breakup spectrum factored in, T-Mobile will have sufficient spectrum to roll out LTE with 20MHz to about 75% of the top 25 markets in 2013 – Neville Ray [/quote_left] The blog post is definitely worth reading as Ray discusses the carrier’s plans for LTE and where HSDPA fits in the scheme of things.  Will they really skip HSPA+84 and build out LTE or is that rumor?  As it turns out, T-Mobile is still “evaluating” the technology but that the focus is on LTE for now.  In the end, however, Neville would like to see both stick around.

Not that you’re likely to care much but there’s also a bit on how the decision to go with the LTE technology will help the carrier in the long run as it pertains to iPhone support.  Head to T-Mobile’s blog for more information on today’s announcement.