March 3, 2015

Strategy Analytics: Users want larger smartphone displays


Bigger is better when it comes to smartphone display according to a recent Strategy Analytics report.  When given a number of prototype design models to choose from, the firm found that 90% of users polled gravitated toward units with screens larger than their current handset.  So what size is the right size?  Based on Strategy Analytics’s findings we learn that most people like the display to be between 4.0-inches and 4.5-inches, just so long as they stay thin.  Sounds like your average Android smartphone, no?  We’ll let you figure out what it doesn’t sound like to us.

What is the perfect sized phone display for your needs?  Give us an example of the phone screen that speaks to you.


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  1. TonyArcher

    No thanks.  I want a smaller phone.  Droid incredible 2 size with Galaxy SII power(assumed specs) and button less ICS goodness.

  2. JevyJav

    Mostly iPhone users wasn’t bigger displays, lol. All the folks I know who have Androids are starting to wish they’d tone it down a bit. My gsm galaxy nexus is almost too big. The note is overkill in my opinion

  3. Sjandro16

    4.5-5.0 would be my perfect size. I love my galaxy s 2’s 4.5 inch display but the resolution could be better.

  4. Jirka Vilim

    4.0 or max. 4.3 inches, anything bigger is being uncomfortable to handle with only one hand. The bigger the resolution, the better. And it can be thicker, if there’s a bigger battery…

  5. thecolor

    while 4.3 is a pretty decent size, I’d probably not want to go much over that (instead insert a projection option for both keyboard and screen) and if the physical screen is the only option then go edge to edge (no black borders!)


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