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If you’re a fan of audiobooks (who isn’t?)  and happen to own an Android device (who doesn’t?) then you’ll definitely want to check out the experience.  Rather than offering up an app to download, lets users visit their website from any mobile browser.  Once there, the site acts like an application and scales properly to fit your screen.  Additionally all of your features from the website are converted to easy-to-navigate buttons and tabs so that things work efficiently.

Here’s a quick look at on desktop, smartphone, and tablet! runs $24.95 for unlimited access to 10,000 books and also comes with a 7-day trial!



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  2. Android browser locked-up/closed repeatedly, then phone rebooted while trying to check out site. Maybe it doesn’t like rooted phones? Bionic 5.9.902 stock ROM root. Wierd

  3. I don’t quite understand why this service gets such good reviews by the reviewers but such marginal to bad reviews by the general public. My experience is that it is not ready for prime time. Motorola Droid x and Sony Tablet S…

    Yes, library size is decent but the features that are there aren’t particularly reliable and some necessary features are non-existent (bookmarks!). The only reliable device for me is my laptop and who cares about a mobile service that only works on a laptop? There is ONLY streaming, so don’t think about long plane ride listening. Cruising the book selection is quite clunky. Customer support is spotty (they replied once and didn’t reply to my second query) and I hope to be able to cancel because most other user reviews say this is not easy to accomplish. Overall, I will wait until this service 1) actually works without stopping 2) restarts without major effort 3) restarts in the place where it choked 4) offers better (read basic) book reader functions and 5) is less trouble in general. Overall the experience has been VERY frustrating.

    I have been listening to online audiobooks for years and was excited to see this product and was willing to put down my $25/month. Nothing ventured, nothing gained… but in this case, not much was gained.

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