Archos G10 xs series ready to compete on price and hardware

This week marks the soft debut of the G10 xs series, a new line of Android tablets from Archos. Although the hard details have yet to surface, we’re hearing that these will be ultra-thin designs at 7.6mm thin, offer a keyboard dock, and  could feature the new 1.8GHz TI OMAP processors. Expected to launch later in 2012 the G10 xs line will be available in three display sizes and come with the low pricing we’ve become accustomed to seeing from Archos.

Pricing for the new Archos G10 xs series is expected to be:

  • 7-inch display – 129 Euros (~$170 US)
  • 8-inch display – 149 Euros (~$200 US)
  • 10-inch display – 199 Euros (~$260 US)

I’ve really enjoyed watching Archos evolve over the last few models of Android tablet and certainly look forward to seeing the new line. In an era where people are turning to Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $200 tablets, Archos could emerge as a bigger player in 2012. Not only do they have the right price point but they’ve proven that they can go sexy with the hardware. Toss in the full-on support for Google services and applications and the G10 xs is one to watch.

And as if all of this doesn’t sound good enough on its own, consider the teaser video that Archos has released. It’s not long and it’s obscured in shadows but we definitely see the hints of the keyboard dock. Is the G10 xs going to be a low-cost alternative to the Transformer Prime? We’ll find out before too long.

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  • Frans-Peter van der Leur

    But the software at Archos is always terrible, especially the updates. Owners of the first tablets from the end of 2010 are still stuck with the slow phone Android OS 2.2

  • Zoide

    Any info on the screen resolutions?

  • turf

    I owned an Archos media player many years ago. After purchasing it, I found I needed a $100 dock to be able to charge it quickly and connect to a TV. I bought a few more accessories until I had well over $300 in the device. Then, I found I could not play AVIs without purchasing a $30 software plugin. More than anything, spending that $30 on a software key made me so mad I would never purchase another Archos product.

    But I have still followed their product releases over the years just to amuse myself trying to figure out how they will screw you after the sale. Like one of the first “internet tablets” they released where you had to buy a $20 software plugin to use a browser. Or the 3g tablet but instead of a slot for a simcard, you had to buy a 3g dongle and a data plan from Archos. Or a more recent media player where you had to pay $25 to enable it to play high def content. Wonder how they plan to screw you with these latest offerings. $25 plugin to use Facebook? $30 adapter to be able to charge with USB? Who knows?

    I do know that as  long as they continue these types of shenanigans, they will never “emerge as a bigger player” in any year.

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  • it looks very nice indeed! 

  • Shane

    Not a chance it will be that cheap . . . I mean archos are good but I dont think they are that good . . . Cheaper than the current g9 but more powerful and WAY thinner? I really hope so but i dont think its gonna actually happen.

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