Dual-core Nexus tablet reportedly $149, ready to go


New details have emerged for the ‘is-it-real-or-not’ Nexus tablet which add weight to the argument that it’s actually happening.  According to a “senior employee at a supply chain company” the tablet is already finished up and ready to roll.  Given that rumors have tapped the tablet with a May/June launch date it makes sense that the product would be going into production, maybe finished.

It is also being reported that Google and Asus have scrapped the Tegra 3 quad-core chipset in favor of a lower-cost dual-core chipset.  Why?  Google wants to come in under that $200 price point that people are expecting for 7-inch tablets now that the Kindle Fire changed things up.  Taking advantage of volume pricing, a dual-core processor will bring the cost down quite a bit.  The new rumor is that the presumed Nexus device will run $149.99 and that it is a re-branded version of the ASUS MeMo 370T.

Assuming all this to be true, what say you about a 7-inch Nexus tablet with a $150 price tag?  Will you jump all over it or do you still not see a need for a tablet?

Source: AndroidAndMe



    • Who knows at a later date Google may just include a 10″ model in their line up. But at this price point it makes sense to concentrate on the smaller tablet size.

  1. I have an Asus Transformer and love it. Im tired of sharing with the wife and kids. At $150, im getting 4 of them . 1 for each of them an extra toy for me.

  2. For myself, I’d prefer a 10 or larger. But, at that price, I probably would buy at least 2 for the kids, and perhaps another for my wife, maybe even settle for one myself, if it is not crippled, somehow. Must have:  ICS or Jelly Bean.

  3. I can appreciate the desire to make it price competitive (the single biggest problem facing Android Tablets right now is they are (nearly) all overpriced.

    But I fear they will have to strip this down too much to reach a price point of $150 for me at least.

    I don’t even care about the dual-core vs. quad-core thing, I have a sing;e core and 2 dual core devices, my single core 800Mhz G2 performs just as well as my dual core 1.5 Ghz Gaalxy Note (though that’s probably mostly because the G2 is running CyanogenMOD and the note is all touchwizzy at the moment)

    As it is the MeMo 370T was set to omit a front facing camera, IMO a FFC is more important for a tablet than it is for a phone.

    Being a recent nexus device this tablet will almost certainly _not_ have an SD card slot, but how much memory can it have at a $150 price point?  Are we talking about 8GB or even 16GB with non-expandable memory?  A small amount of memory is fine if I can add more but not if I can’t

    What else is going to get removed?  Bluetooth? (dealbreaker), GPS? (almost a dealbreaker)

    I’d totally be willing to pay $300 for a 7″ tablet with all the features the 370T was supposed to have plus a FFC.

    There needs to be a mid range tablet, something betwen the $500 full featured ones.

  4. I was really hoping for the tegra3 in the nexus tablet . 7 inches is a decent sized tablet and I was definitely looking for a smaller tab, so hopefully Google and Asus will play this smart and make two variations of this tablet. Make one with dual core and 7inch display for the $150 price point, then also make the quad core (4+1) 7inch tablet for $250 maybe $300. I absolutely want a 7inch tablet with tegra3 . Can’t wait to see what they do!

  5. I hope these rumours do prove to be true and a tablet is released at a budget price, but personally I would still be expecting a feature rich tablet for the complete Google/Nexus experience.
    Must haves for me:1. Front & rear facing cameras2. MicroSD slot3. 16 Gb absolute minimum on-board storage4. Bluetooth5. GPS

    With the wish list above I would be looking to have a tablet, priced, to include these as opposed to being built to a price at the exclusion of some/all of the above.

    For me $300 top price I would be prepared to pay, but would be happy with $200-250 even more.

    If again the rumours are true, I would still get a tablet at $150 because at that price it would be silly not too but if Asus were to release their own tablet with a quad core Tegra 3 (hoping the rumours that it was being scrapped to be untrue!) this would make the choice that bit more difficult.

    Roll on May/June