Nexus S, Nexus S 4G getting Android 4.0 for real you guys

Are you a Nexus S or Nexus S 4G owner, wondering when, or even if, you’ll get Android 4.0?  Worry no more, it’s really happening this time, for real real. According to a source close to Engadget, Ice Cream Sandwich has been confirmed to be released over the next few weeks. Of course, this has not been announced by anyone at Google or the Android team so we’re hanging on a thread.  Once we get some information on the update we will be happy to share the details.



  • Patrick

    This is still just a rumor, nothing official from Google. And how long is a few weeks anyways? This is bull. Very disapointed. This should of been tested and released at the same time as the galaxy nexus. That is how other platforms are handled.

  • UbuntuMan

    Forget the wait.  Just root your phone.  I got the update from Google (T-Mobile) and I was, “that’s it!?”.

    So, I rooted my phone and have tried some really awesome ROMs.  There are so many good ones.  Currently using one called Codename Android – real nice and complete.

    Here is a list of all available ROMs and their rank by performance,

  • I update my Nexus S to ICS in december…

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