Future versions of Draw Something to include chat, picture saving

Future versions of Draw Something to include chat, picture saving

The guys over at TechCrunch were recently able to spend some time chatting up  OMGPOP chief executive Dan Porter and Zynga’s chief mobile officer David Ko.  In case you haven’t heard, Porter’s runaway hit game Draw Something has been nothing short viral on Android and iOS devices around the world.  So popular is the game that Zynga decided to open their wallet up and fork over more than $200 million for the OMGPOP team and its property.

Speaking about the future of the game and what users might look forward to seeing, Porter indicates that in-app chat is high on the list of priorities.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve started using the drawing pad to leave messages for other gamers.  “Dude, that turkey was incredible!”  I’ve seen a number of of players do the same for friends and family, offering up words of encouragement or a simple “Sorry!” for those times they don’t guess the drawing.

Along the subject of those drawings, OMGPOP/Zynga look to be offering our most requested feature – image saving.  We’ve been saying for a few weeks now that the Android version should allow an easy SHARE option so that we can send that drawing to our Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  Share to email, save to gallery, etc.  In fact, we spent some time on our recent podcast talking about ways to enhance the game.

We’d like to give people a better opportunity to capture their drawings. There should be a save feature for saving your pictures. I didn’t really get this idea until I was playing with one of my kids. You know how you like to save your kids’ pictures and put them on the refrigerator and they draw these crushingly heart-breaking stick figures. We’ve got to make this feature fast.

We’re excited about the future of Draw Something, not just because of these two features, but also because of what Zynga brings to the table.  We’re fans of the in-app purchases, digital currency, and other models employed by their team.

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