March 28, 2015

What's your thoughts on the Angry Birds franchise? #androidfeedback


You’d have to be living under a rock these past few weeks not to know that Rovio has released a new edition of their wildly popular Angry Birds franchise.  Making its debut yesterday was Angry Birds Space, a new take on the “classic” game found on phones, PCs, blankets, toys, etc.

We took to Twitter and Facebook earlier today to gauge your thoughts and impressions on Angry Birds as a franchise.  Has Rovio jumped the shark with this new edition or does it breathe new life and potential into their series?  Do you still update the current games with each new release or have you uninstalled the game to make room for Draw Something or another game?

Below, you will find some of the things that you, the Android user, are saying about Angry Birds.  If you have not shared your opinion yet, please do let us know in the comments that follow!

Space is really good. A nice lil twist. – James E.

Angry Birds: Yawn – Mats H.

I could care less about angry birds. – James M.

I think the space is a nice change of pace on Angry Birds. I dont play it that much but for a level or two its nice. – Drew C.

Got bored of it right before Rio. Needs to release something besides Angry Birds. Return to it later. – Matt P.

Love the physics of this game as a teacher. – Ricardo R.

over it – Cyril A.

angrybirds jumped the shark long ago, but its nice to see them do something that seems kinda different – Robert R.

Got tired of the game mechanics almost a year ago. Does anyone care anymore? Who still buys angry birds games? – Daniel S.

Now it’s your turn…

It appears to us that the beloved Angry Birds series has lost a bit of its luster.  Of course, there’s probably an eight-year-old or teenager who would be willing to argue against that.  Tell us what you think of Angry Birds.  Are you just now falling in love with it or have your eyes already wandered to something else?

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  1. Chipheads

    I have all versions of angry birds. I love it. Uses brain power, new space game especially. No angry birds has jumped the shark. I’m 34, my wife if the same age and my mother is 63 and loves her angry birds.

  2. hldc1

    Used to be a big fan of Angry Birds. Had it on the Nexus One, and got 3 stars on all levels. Got a myTouch 4G, so installed the game on there and got 3 stars on all levels. Phone kicked the bucket so I reinstalled on the warranty replacement T-Mobile gave me. Got about halfway through trying to get 3 stars on all the levels and decided that it wasn’t worth my time to do it again. Haven’t played it since.

  3. Guest

    Got tired of “Angry Birds” after about 10 mins of play.   THAT is really the best game in the world??? Wow.   Childish, foolish, simple-minded.  How does anyone play that for days/weeks/months????


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