Photographers Rejoice!  Instagram posts a sign-up page for Android users.

Photographers Rejoice! Instagram posts a sign-up page for Android users.



Instagram is just one of a handful of apps that have truly made iOS a must-have.  The other being the beautifully designed and addictive Flipboard.  After seeing hundreds of Instagram pics uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, et al, I finally downloaded the app to my iPod Touch to see what all the fuss was about.  While I have only used it a few times, I do understand the novelty of having a brand new picture look like a vintage Polaroid that’s been left on the dashboard of my mom’s 1977 Vega.  I kid.  I have already signed up to preview the app and can’t wait to start taking Instagram photos on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  27 million iOS users can’t be wrong, and when this app lands on Android it will be truly ubiquitous.




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