Google looking to expand Voice tie-ins to more carriers

Google Voice, which is currently only available to Sprint users (without the $20 charge to port one’s number to Voice), may not be so exclusive for much longer. According to Vincent Paquet, the Group Product Manager for Google Voice, they’re talking to other carriers about getting the service integrated. This is sure to please thousands, if not millions of customers on other carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T, who use Google Voice regularly. Of course, no official partnership with another carrier has been announced, but Paquet’s statement obviously points to talks between Google and a second, or possibly even third carrier.

Tie-ins with another carrier would bring mutual advantages to both Google and the respective carrier. As Sprint said last year when the two teamed up,

This is an extremely important event for Sprint.

That proved to be true, as Paquet is claiming that Sprint integration has worked well, with a steady stream of people signing up for Google Voice since day one. Again, we haven’t heard any official announcements from Google or any carriers, so this is one of those wait-and-see situations. More on this as it develops.

So are you excited by the possibility of Google Voice on your carrier? Do we have any Sprint users out there that currently use Google Voice? Drop a comment below!

Source CNet

  • Casper

    Im on t-mobile and GC works fine. I guess i don’t understand the technical advantage that sprints tie in with GC and how that is suppose to work better? Someone want to clue in since that was left out in the article.

    • ken

      mainly mms.

      • Dwreck420

        not mainly. as mms is actually poorly integrated. I use it mainly for its SIP capabilities, being able to make calls and receive calls on wifi using sipdroid and pbx (which allows me to branch the phone number to my PC, Tablet, and phone, all ring when my sprint number is called, granted its a bit overkill, but i get no service in my house, but i get wifi) grooveIP also helps with this, as you can now route calls over the internet

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  • 98clru

    Had Grand Central (GC referenced by Casper?) and loved it. Had GV (Google Voice) with the hero on sprint and it worked well. Than Sprint and GV integrated. I personally don’t want my # ported, like the 2nd google #, it segregates my personal calls from work/business calls and allows me to keep my out of area cell number and GV #  a local call for my new area. When sprint integrated segregation became a challenge and usually didn’t work. Still use GV but now have Tmo and don’t have problems, integration means new app, new problems.