Qualcomm: 36,000 miles, 20 days, one charge for Snapdragon processor

So you’re a big fan of your current Android smartphone save for the fact you seem to charge it every few hours.  What to do for your next smartphone?  Qualcomm believes you ought to consider a Snapdragon chipset for the Android handset and/or tablet.  To help illustrate just how great the Snapdragon‘s battery life is, Qualcomm decided to show off a bit by filming a video over the span of 20 days and one charge.  The video below, Around the World in One Charge, shows a handset making its way around the globe on one singular charge.

Additionally, Qualcomm is implementing a contest on their Snapdragon Facebook page where you are encouraged to submit photos or videos of what you can do with one charge. Winners of the One Charge Challenge will receive Snapdragon enabled tablets and/or smartphones.

Prizes: The Overall Prize winner will receive one (1) Smartphone and one (1) Tablet from the list of prizes below. Actual Smartphone and Tablet models shall be awarded at Sponsor’s sole discretion and ARV will reflect the prizes awarded (listed below). Each First Prize winner will receive one (1) of the following prizes: One (1) HTC Vivid (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $399.99); OR one (1) HTC Rezound (ARV: $729.99); OR one (1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (ARV: $399.99); OR one (1) Nokia Lumia 710 (ARV: $329.99); OR one (1) Blackberry Torch 9810 (ARV: $489.99); OR one (1) Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (ARV: $509.99); OR one (1) Samsung Galaxy S II (ARV: $649.99); OR one (1) Pantech Element (ARV: $299.99); OR one (1) T-Mobile Springboard (ARV: $99.99).


  • UbuntuMan

    Where’s the video?

  • greenbat
  • Philip Courtois

    “…with and extended battery which was turned off between locations.” – Suddenly not so impressive!

    • nory826

      Did it say that in the video? I missed it lol I was going to say though, it doesn’t seem like they would be able to use the phone at all to get 20 days of battery life . I call BS. I’m sure their new processor is more power efficient,but 20 days is just not believable.

  • ano

    thats lame, i can make a 2 min video too…

  • Eric Wong

    As of today, ZERO video was submitted to Qualcomm’s one charge challenge. We suggest that you should consider taking up this challenge by using 24/7 Time Lapse app, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.portable.timelapse.lite So that you can capture at least one full day worth of photo in a single charge, which you can assemble into a single time-lapse video to enter the competition. More information on this app can be found on http://247timelapse.com