April 1, 2015

Temple Run debuts in Google Play Store


Delivering on their promises, Imangi Studios’ Temple Run has today arrived in the Google Play Store. Available as a free download for Android 2.1+ devices (tablets too!), the popular game has players testing their reflexes as they race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs.Your job is to run, slide, jump, and collect coins while avoiding obstacles and evil monkeys.  After 45 million iOS downloads in roughly eight months we’re certain this will do well on Android.

We’ve already blown through thirty minutes of our morning and can’t wait to return to this later tonight.  Temple Run plays great on smartphone and tablet alike, scaling beautifully across multiple screen sizes.

Google Play Store



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  1. SomeWhiteGuy517

    Playing on Droid 2.3 on a Galaxy S is a bit laggy at the moment, but it is a good game overall. Good time killer and it gives you something to talk about with your iPhone buddies. Hoping the dev gets some of the lag issues taken care of soon though. Keeps freezing my phone when I play. I suspect a memory issue, but can’t verify. 


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