Google Maps 6.5 enhanced for Android 4.0, high-res displays

Google today released a new version of their Google Maps for Android application.  Available in the Google Play Store immediately, version 6.5 sees enhancements for both Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices as well as those with high-resolution displays.  Or, if the case of the Galaxy Nexus, both. So what’s new?  Plenty!

firstly, the four primary options (speak destination, type destination, home, and map) are now larger with friendlier buttons and include a list of recently navigated locations.  Swiping from right to left will bring up contacts with addresses whereas swiping from left to right will yield a list of starred locations.

Users with higher pixel density screens will love the sharper look to the maps as it provides a clearer look at street names.  Zooming in a bit, there should also be less clutter with the number of labels having been slimmed down.

Finally, those of you who tend to take public transit (bus, subway), Google Maps 6.5 lets you set preferences.  What’s more, you can also set whether or not you prefer fewest transfers, quickest route, or minimal walking.

If you have not downloaded Google Maps (really?) for your Android, grab it out of the Google Play Store.  It’s free ya know.