Hasbro forced to share Autobots’ name with Asus Transformer Prime

The announcement of the Asus Transformer Prime sparked a fond memory in most of us, as the name is shockingly similar to that of Transformer Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. As most of us expected, Hasbro did not stay quiet about this one, and filed a lawsuit against the Taiwanese manufacturer. But the court has oddly sided with Asus on the issue, so the Transformer Prime will keep its name.

After trying to convince the judge that the Tegra 3 tablet was seen as a usurper of the alien robot, he found that such was not the case. Other than the name, there is nothing relating the device to the Transformers saga. He believes there is no real evidence that customers will confuse one company’s products with the other. The judge had this to say:

There is nothing gimmicky about the Eee Pad Transformer or the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, nor can it be said that there is any similarity in the use or function between Hasbro and Asus’s

Furthermore, the Asus Transformer name is justified by the fact that the device can literally transform into a laptop by docking into a keyboard. And the word “Prime” is simply a word that derives from Latin, defined as something that is first in excellence or quality.

Regardless, we can’t say that the issue was not to be expected. The name is very similar, and Transformers have been around for quite some time. Now that the court has made its decision, Hasbro walks away with a loss under their belt, but they claim the war is not over.

Hasbro strongly disagrees with the Court’s decision not to preliminarily enjoin Asus’ use of those marks, however we were pleased with the Court’s views on the strength of Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS and TRANSFORMERS PRIME marks. While the case proceeds toward trial, Hasbro will continue to actively pursue this matter and will take all steps necessary to protect its globally recognized and established marks.

For now, the Asus Transformer and Transformer Prime will keep their respective names and will remain un-banned. Until Hasbro makes its next move, we’ll just have to hope that Optimus doesn’t get too trigger happy around the Asus headquarters. More on this as it develops.

So what do you think? Should Asus rename the Transformer line? Drop a comment below!

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  • Travis, 1 Proud Owner

    Commenting from my Asus Transformer Prime (Shapetaker)
    The name to me defines the device very well, simply describing the tablet has the ability to take form of another device, being a laptop. Even I a consumer for sought the name would bring forth attempts to earn off of. I do in fact get a kick out of the reaction of telling one when asked, “Is that an IPAD”, replying “No, it’s not an IPAD. It’s an Asus Transformer Prime.” Pausing to see the intial thought of one’s reaction of hearing two very popular and commenly familiar words bein used together. Most, sortley suggest the name as a JOKE, but boy it really is neat telling them, “Yup…it turns into a laptop! ‘No, way!” An often reply to such of an unknown possibility of its kind.

  • Shawn Jones

    Honestly, I think that Hasbro could have offered an advertising partnership and come out looking better for it. Kinda wrecked an opportunity there, Hasbro. I am a fan of Transformers, Hasbro, and of ASUS, so I want this device even more so now, mostly because of the name – but also because it sounds like a great device.

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