Opera Launches Opera Mini 7 for Android


Browsing on an Android device isn’t exactly a killer experience if you’re using Android’s stock browser, but there are always other options, like Opera Mini 7 for Android. Mini 7 brings a lot of new goodies, including performance and usability enhancements. It also brings Opera’s ‘speed dial’ feature, available in the desktop version as well, and a feature that other mobile browsers fail to offer.

Opera Mini 7 also has advanced compression techniques that reduces the amount of data required to load a webpage by up to 90%. We thought this was a nice touch. So, if you’re ready to give Opera Mini 7 a shot for yourself, you can download it by clicking on the link below. 

Has anyone installed Opera Mini 7 yet? What do you think? What’s your primary Android browser? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Opera Mini 7 Play Store link


  1. Major advantage of Opera 7 mobile browser is compression technology and faster speed on Android devices. I think it will be interesting to see the competition between Chrome and Opera on Android devices.