April 1, 2015

Samsung: 5 Million Galaxy Notes sold and climbing


Samsung, perhaps one of the only Android players to do so, routinely fills us in on how they are doing in regards to device sales.  It seems like every other month or so we are learning how well the Galaxy S  or Galaxy S II (or combined) is selling.  Looks like we can add the Galaxy Note to the list as they are again touting figures for the 5.3-inch smartphone in a tablet body.

Barely one month after advising that Samsung has sold two million Galaxy Notes, the company is proudly announcing that figure is now five million. We can’t imagine this smartphone not doing well for any carrier that decides to offer it as part of their lineup, it’s amazing.  Way to go, Samsung!

Samsung Tomorrow (translate)


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  1. Philip Courtois

    Of course – it’s the “iPhone’s iPhone killer’s killer”: http://goo.gl/eJwca

  2. Guest

    Why would millions and millions of people want a bigger screen?
    Just so they can see video better?
    Just to read text on the screen easier?
    Just to run apps far more efficiently?

    What a big waste of money!

    • Philip Courtois

      Personally I think it’s a waste of money to have a tablet AND a phone when a device like this fits the sweet spot and can do it all. So you’ll be saving money with a Galaxy Note.

    • Ed Dixon

      Because it’s the human condition. Ask anybody you like – would you like a bigger house/car/television and the answer will be yes every single damn time. And let’s face it, a phone just ain’t a phone anymore without a big screen. Even them at Cupertino have apparently realised that and are toying with a 4.5″ screen if the rumours are to be believed. Once you get above a certain resolution the difference in legibility is irrelevant so as long as it fits in my pocket, I don’t care – the bigger the better is what I want.


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