Android reportedly earned Google $540M over four years

Android reportedly earned Google $540M over four years

Google has generated roughly $543 million in revenue from 2008 though 2011, according to reports and estimates. The numbers come from Charles Arthur of the Guardian who based his figures by analyzing a settlement that Google offered to Oracle. While this might sound like a ridiculous amount of money on the surface it’s merely a fraction of what Google earns on an annual basis.

The half billion figure is unofficial and isn’t broken down by year so it’s hard to chart growth in revenue. If you start out with $32M in 2008 and double the number each year you would still only arrive at $480 million. While the number itself might not represent anything significant at this point, the idea of doubling revenue every year certainly sounds good to us.

Via: SAI

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    What about how iOS makes 4x that much revenue for google?

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