Droid Bionic 2 spotted in Asurion enrollment form

Droid Bionic 2 spotted in Asurion enrollment form

If the countless delays of the original Droid Bionic weren’t enough to keep Motorola and Big Red away from a sequel, they’re even more determined than we thought. The Droid Bionic 2 was spotted in an Asurion enrollment form, and we all have a few questions to ask. Since Asurion is a device insurance service, our first thought is that the Bionic 2 must already exist, since there’s the option to buy insurance for it.

Of course, there is always the Droid Bionic that was released without a 16GB MicroSD card, which could be the device Asurion is pointing to. If that’s not the case, then we’ll most likely see some more leaks in the near future. In the case of a Bionic 2, we’re not getting our hopes up for a launch anytime before November, based on the history of the original.

So is anyone else haunted by memories of the Bionic’s delays with this latest news? Think Motorola should move on to bigger and better things? Sound off in the comments!

Source Droid-Life

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