New Google Drive details surface


The guys at TalkAndroid were able to get their hands on a screen shot(above) for the upcoming, long-rumored Google Drive.  The cloud-based storage system has been talked about for nearly half a decade now and should be Google’s ‘answer’ to services like Dropbox, Box, and SugarSync.

As it appears, all users should be presented with 5GB of storage right out of the gate with paying customers and/or business users able to purchase larger pools.  With some of the players in the cloud space offering upwards of 30GB-50GB of storage, it stands to reason that Google would keep that in mind.

According to support documents, the Google Drive service will include a document editor much in the way that Google Docs does today.  In fact, source such as Engadget surmise that the Drive features could be a logical extension or re-positioning of Docs.  We’ve watched Docs allow for new file types over the last few years, tossing in new tools along the way.  All it would take is a few more types, such as photos and other media to round things out.  Honestly, I would not be surprised to learn that it somehow ties to your Google+ account and incorporates your pictures and videos somehow.

Rumors suggest that we could be days or weeks away from an announcement for Google Drive so we fully expect more details to shake out soon.

You Tell Us

What feature(s) would you like to see incorporated into a Google Drive?  Would you stop using your current apps or services in favor of a Google-branded client?

Source: Talk Android


  1. I get 50GB right out of the gate with that I can access from laptop or phone. What appeal does G:Drive have over that? I can upload docs and photos fine on my Box account. I don’t need to edit them there, especially not from my laptop. And editing on a phone? Who wants to do that – even on my 4.3″ screen. On a tablet – maybe. 

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