Triad of April Fools jokes comes out of the Google camp


Google has certainly been busy over the past few weeks. Anyone as familiar with the company as a true Android fanatic knows that the big G always indulges in some sort of product release tomfoolery around this time of the year. This year was no exception, as Google released not one but THREE April Fools products to give us something to chuckle over. So if you like Nintendo (I’m talking NES, not that newfangled Wii), intestinal regularity, and unique keyboards, give the videos below a gander.

Also worth a mention, Google was also involved in NASCAR’s own April Fools joke here and also launched a special Google home page in China that, while not an April Fools joke, is really cool.







  1. Did anyone notice that in the Gmail Tap video LL Cool J played the part of Todd Smith (LL’s real name), Product Lead Gmail Tap?