Beta tag stripped from AmazonWireless, now with price guarantee and free apps!

Beta tag stripped from AmazonWireless, now with price guarantee and free apps!

AmazonWireless has been around just shy of 3 years now. We’ve seen them have sale after sale, most of the time offering Android phones for 1 whole cent. Nearly a month ago, we saw another special deal with Sprint Android phones selling for a penny during March Madness. With the removal of the “beta” tag and this being the formal launch, AmazonWireless has a few things hidden up it’s sleeve to attract even more consumers. A new price guarantee followed by free applications for anyone who buys a new phone, sure makes you think twice about walking into the store for your next purchase… What’s the Sprint store going to give you for free? or T-Mobile or AT&T or VZW?

1.       AmazonWireless Best Price Guarantee:   Amazon will guarantee the best pricing on phones with service from all major carriers:  Any customer who finds a lower price on an eligible website for the same product with the same service plan within 14 days after AmazonWireless ships the customer their device, is eligible for a credit on their original payment method for the difference. In addition, if AmazonWireless lowers its own price within 14 days, the same benefit applies.

2.       Free Premium Apps With The Purchase of Android Phones: Any customer who purchases an Android phone on can get free premium apps from Amazon Appstore for Android. The customer can choose from a list of popular apps right at checkout on Those apps will be available for download when the customer activates their phone and installs Amazon Appstore. The offer is approximately $25 in value and includes popular apps such as Mahjong Artifacts ($4.99), Shazam Encore ($4.99), Office Suite Pro ($9.99) and more.

Amazon is making a name for themselves in the mobile retail business. With a full line-up to include AmazonWireless, Amazon Appstore for Android, AmazonMP3, the Amazon Kindle app and the family of Amazon Mobile shopping apps they are becoming a “one-stop-shop” for many consumers nationwide.

If you have any experiences shopping with AmazonWireless; good or bad we’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Justin19
    April 06, 18:30 Reply

    I purchased my first Android (the OG Droid) from them. It was fantastic, and they (at this point) already had the best price on that phone. I purchased it for $19.99 just about 5 months after the phone was released. Overall, it was a great experience with them.

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