Sprint smartphone LTE to receive same unlimited data and pricing as 3G and WiMax

Sprint has a fantastic value going for its plans right now, both in price and the fact that they’re the only US carrier to offer unlimited data without throttling for its smartphones. There was some question as to whether that value would carry over to Sprint‘s LTE offering when it was officially unveiled, but according to a Sprint spokesperson, you can put those fears to rest. In an interview with Fierce Wireless, spokesperson Scott Sloat said,

“4G LTE smartphone customers can enjoy the same unlimited data plans which provide customers with unmatched value and simplicity that allows them to utilize their phones to the fullest without worrying about incurring additional data charges.”

The Everything Data plans will maintain the same price point, starting at $79.99. Sloan also said that “non-smartphone devices” (tablets, aircards, laptops, etc.) will also maintain the same pricing and plan structure. It wasn’t mentioned, but I would assume that this means that LTE-using non-smartphone devices will still keep that 5 Gb cap that 3G and WiMax using devices do.

Beyond LTE data, Sloan also spoke on the LG Viper, one of three initial LTE offerings, confirming that it would be launching later this month. This isn’t a huge surprise, given the device’s April 12th pre-order availability, but it’s still good to see a solid time window.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sprint’s only other announced LTE handset, Sloan didn’t mention anything, though Fierce Mobile did bring up a rumored April 22nd launch date. Time will tell, but this would probably be a good launch window so that there’s no conflict with another device launching – like the Evo One that Sprint is expected to unveil this evening. Stay tuned to Android Guys, as we’ll be covering that rumored announcement closely.

Source Fierce Wireless

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