Touch app updated to include video and sound clip sharing

In this era of communication and connectivity, there seems to be a neverending search for platforms to reach people from. Be it social networking, IMing, or a little bit of both, humankind just wants that ability to reach out and touch someone,  in as many different mediums as possible. To this end, Enflick’s latest update of their Touch app is a good step forward. Once known by the moniker of PingChat, Touch brings a slick UI and quite a few sharing options to the table with the ability to send/share video clips and sound recordings. Like a few other messaging apps, Touch is also multiplatform, allowing users on iOS, Blackberry OS, and Android to bridge the gap. Worth mentioning, also like other messaging apps, Touch may have a potential negative effect on your battery as it did for me. Still, those looking for a beautiful and full-featured messaging client will find a lot to like here…especially if you can get your friends to jump on board with you.

Check out  the screenies and press release below, as well as the Play Store link to try out Touch, but let us know in the comments: Which messaging app are you currently using and what do you like most about it?

Touch in the Play Store





Trailblazing Mobile Social Connectivity App “Touch” Extends Technology Innovation, Market Leadership with New Release
Touch Version 3.1 Adds Sound and Video Clips Optimized and Fully Compatible Across Major Mobile Platforms; Reaffirms Commitment to Strong Privacy Practices

WATERLOO, Ontario – April 2, 2012 – Today, less than four months following its initial launch, a new release of the mobile interpersonal connectivity application “Touch,” that is transforming social networking by seamlessly connecting people with their closest relationships, has been made available across all major mobile platforms. Fully compatible across iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, Touch Version 3.1 adds functionality to support audio and video clips, in order to deliver robust multimedia support for a more engaging user experience. As the first and leading niche social networking platform, Touch has now served 350 million one-on-one messages and 40 million group messages, delivering a solution to users who want a more intimate and real-time social networking experience customized for the mobile device.

“The rapid and widespread adoption of the Touch platform validates our belief that people want a way to more easily connect with their most significant relationships – a need that is not being met by other solutions on the market today,” said Derek Ting, co-founder and CEO, Enflick. “We are pleased to fill that need with Touch and to deliver even more of the cutting edge capabilities that our users want with this new release.”

Touch delivers an on-demand social networking experience, enabling instantaneous chats and photo and experience sharing from any phone and allowing users to immediately connect with their closest relationships. Further – unlike many emerging mobile applications – Touch helps guarantee the safety of its users’ personal data through a commitment to transparency and choice and never stores raw numbers anywhere on its system to protect its users’ privacy.

Touch Version 3.1 – Features and Capabilities
Touch Version 3.1 includes sound and video clips that have been specifically designed and optimized for mobile, leveraging the following technology capabilities to further enhance the user experience:

·         Incremental uploading – allowing multimedia files to be split in ‘chunks.’ If any chunk falls, only that chunk will be re-uploaded, reducing the chance of media uploads failing.
·         Progressive streaming* – enabling users to immediately start enjoying audio and video without waiting to download the entire file first – significantly improving the user experience by minimizing the wait-time required to start watching or listening to the media (especially on unreliable mobile networks).
[*This capability will initially be available on the iOS, followed by Android and BlackBerry.]

The new release provides users with even more ways to connect and communicate with their closest relationships, through video and audio messages and voice notes. Touch 3.1 can be downloaded at Touch supports iOS devices (OS version 3.0+), as well as Android (1.6+) and Blackberry (5.0+).

About Enflick
Headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Enflick is a leading provider of real-time social software solutions designed to transform the way that individuals connect with each other online. Its Touch platform delivers a single, unified mobile connectivity solution that makes keeping in touch with close friends and family an immediate, intuitive and completely seamless experience. More than 25 million users worldwide use Enflick’s TextNow and Touch applications, serving 1.3 billion impressions per month. Since TextNow went viral in 2009, Enflick has achieved a 400 percent year-over-year growth.

Enflick is committed to designing user-friendly products that make connecting online easier and simulate how people engage in real life with the exact same immediacy and continuity. Enflick was recently named a company to watch in the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50Ô Awards for its innovative technology and entrepreneurship and potential as a future leader in the Canadian technology industry. For more information, visit




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