AT&T readying 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus, rumors indicate

AT&T readying 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus, rumors indicate

Word on the street today is that AT&T is next in line to offer the Android 4.0-powered Galaxy Nexus.  Citing a trusted anonymous source close to the carrier, Android Revolution advises that 4G LTE SIM cards have already started shipped out with SKU’s with model number 73057 .  There’s no indication yet as to when we’ll see this handset arrive at Ma Bell however it doesn’t sound too far off.

Is AT&T and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for you?

How likely are you to switch to AT&T over the Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone?  Is it still as attractive as it was six months ago when it made its debut?


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  1. nathan118
    April 06, 17:16 Reply

    Ok…verizon, sprint, now ATT….T-mobile HAS to be close behind!

  2. jonny21
    April 07, 09:43 Reply

    im on AT&T and just became eligible for an upgrade… was eyeing international GSM versions for a while but it looks like my patience will pay off in the form of (limited) 4g coverage

  3. Motorola Atrix forum
    April 08, 01:49 Reply

    Who wants last years hardware with all the superior handsets on the horizon? C’mon. I’m sure this is nothing more than a rumor. If it isn’t AT&T is sorely mistaken.

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