RadioShack introduces Mobile Makeover Month, sell back used electronics

In the great attempt to keep up with constantly evolving technology, it’s inevitable that one will build up a collection of “old” electronic bits and pieces. Especially now that phones are picking up all the tricks of our other devices like camera and MP3 players, you may have a lot of extraneous devices lying around. RadioShack has an answer for our problem with Mobile Makeover Month for their Trade & Save program. With their Trade & Save program, people can trade in all sorts of electronics for store credit to be used to get newer¬†electronics to feed your need. With Mobile Makover Month the deal gets even sweeter: if you’re upgrading to a new cellphone, you’re guaranteed to get at least $30 (and up to $300) towards that new shiny something. Beyond that, RadioShack has also released an app both for iOS and Android for giving price estimates on those potential trade-ins.

Check out a video below with a rundown of the app and let us know in the comments: What sort of outdated electro-knick-knacks are you looking to get rid of?