March 30, 2015

Google considering selling Motorola handset division to Huawei, rumors indicate


It has been better part of a year since Google announced its intent to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.  While we’re still waiting for various governmental departments to officially approve the purchase, rumors have circulated as to what Google plans to do with the division.  Did Google pick them up just to rope in a ton of (17,000!) patents and protection?  Will they continue to let Motorola operate as a separate entity?  Would they consider selling off to another hardware maker in the end?  The answers to these questions are a little bit of ‘yes’on all fronts.

Dennis Berman of the Wall Street Journal recently spent a few weeks working with people inside both Google and Motorola camps trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the end.  He finds that Google definitely has their work cut out for themselves as they walk the fine line with partners in the Android space.  Leaning too far in one direction could alienate other hardware makers.  On the other hand, if more companies seek to fork Android and build around it without Google’s full suite of apps and support, Google could hedge their bets.  If too many players go around Google Play and the traditional Android route, Google could play the hardware game.

Speaking of other hardware makers, rumors out of Asia indicate that Google has approached Huawei and offered to sell the handset division to them.  Google, naturally, has denied the claims and we’ve not heard from Huawei yet.

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  1. MPITA

    If Google actually does this, sells the only other major smartphone maker to a China manufacterer, then in my opinion they would be acting against national interests and would be revealing themselves as traiterous, money-grubbing scum. If of couse, they actually did this – it is only a rumor after all. It would also of couse, make it unconscionable to have any further involvement with them whatsoever. Which leaves (barf) Microsoft or Apple as the potential platforms of choice. Geez, it hurts to even think that…
    Over-reaction? Maybe, but remember Huawei is backed by the Chinese government.

  2. Rokampa

    garbage i will never buy a motorola phone again if it is sold garbage hauwei garbageT

  3. Andrew Vincent

    Motorola is my favorite phone brand but i will never buy one again if this happens.  Also shame on Google! 


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