New Nook to include built-in front lit screen

New Nook to include built-in front lit screen

There’s some debate over the benefits between e-ink based e-readers and their tablet-fused brethren. Between readability for extended periods, battery life, multipurpose apps, compatibility with magazines, and beyond, there are uses and users for both designs. One knock against the e-ink readers has always been the inability to use them in dark or low-lit conditions, but this seems to be a weakness that Barnes & Noble is determined to purge. The Digital Reader has managed to get some pictures of the release documentation of a new e-reader from B&N, the first of its kind to feature a front-lit e-ink panel. Beyond this new feature, there doesn’t seem to be any change in design from the previous model, at least not cosmetically, but of course all bets are off until the official announcement comes down.

Are you one of the eye-strained bedraggled bookworms (like myself) that Barnes & Noble is marketing towards? If so, what do you think about this idea? Let us know in the comments!

Source The Digital Reader

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  1. Whatever
    April 12, 16:41 Reply

    Whoa cutting edge technology a back lit screen , the tech has only been around for a few decades!

    • Alfredo Vannacci
      April 14, 14:27 Reply

      it’s not a back lit screen. It’a front lit screen with a built in light. When you try to read an e-ink based ereader in the dark you feel the need of it!!

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