Podcast app DoggCatcher discounted to $1.99 for limited time

If you’re a fan of podcasts and need to find a good option for your Android smartphone or tablet, then you’re in luck!  DoggCatcher, one of our favorite apps of all time, has been discounted to $1.99 for a three day period starting tomorrow.  Effective Friday, April 13 and running through Sunday, April 15, you can get your hands on DoggCatcher for less than half its normal $4.99 asking price.  Not only that, but all proceeds from the downloads from said period will go directly to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

We’ve been a huge supporter of DoggCatcher in the past and have come to love the app for all its flexibility and features.  Around since 2008, the developers were even so kind as to help us promote our podcast as we were getting started some years ago.  Together, we both think this discounted app promotion is a great way to contribute to an organization that helps protect our rights and freedoms online.


Download DoggCatcher from Google Play
  • MagicMiguel

    Good deal!  This is the best podcasting app on Android.

  • videosavant

    Funny enough, I’m in the market for a podcast app. I’ve been using MyPod, but the user interface is too hard on my eyes and Pocket Cast doesn’t support pasword-protected podcasts. I actually downloaded the trial version last night, but it kept crashing — maybe because I’m running a beta version of the CM9 ROM on my Moto Photon.

    At $1.99, I’d be willing to take a chance on the paid version playing nicer on my phone/OS, but right now both Google Play store and Amazon Appstore are both showing the Doggcatcher price at $4.99.

    Is there some other way to get the app for $1.99?

    • stosh68

      Reading is fundamental.  “Effective Friday, April 13 and running through Sunday, April 15…”

      • videosavant

         Thanks for the help Mr. Sneerington.

  • Right now the price for it 4.99. We mised everything?

    • Eric

      The price cut was scheduled to start tonight at midnight, but we just lowered it down now.

  • Nismo300zx

    I’d have a podcast to listen to if you got AGTN started again! People really miss the vibe it carried and memorable quotes! “You don’t come on MY show…” lol.