Galaxy S III allegedly spied in the wilds

A photo of what is said to be the Samsung Galaxy S III has landed online, thanks to some who claims to be testing the device.  Posted on a Polish blog just today, the picture seems to confirm two recent rumors that have circulated around the handset.  Specifically, that the GSIII would feature a singular button below the display and also that the screen would allow for five columns of icons.

Although blurred like crazy, we can see that the phone offers a large display size that eats up much of the real estate.  At first blush, this matches up well with previous reports of a 4.8-inch HD display.  We can also see that the smartphone is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.  Unfortunately, the manner in which the Samsung branding is squeezed in somewhat askew doesn’t do much to help the credibility of the photo.  Nevertheless, we like what we’re looking at here and would be happy to see more.

Some of you will point out how crooked the app draw appears and that it looks severely edited.  We’re going to go optimistic here and assume that whoever did the PhotoShopping simply used a polygon lasso around the drawer since the phone was not centered in frame.

Then again… this doesn’t look like a ceramic case to us, at least from the front.  That’s the problem with all of the Galaxy S III rumors – there are too many to count and they sometimes conflict with each other.

So…poor PhotoShop job or your next phone?

Via: BGR

  • Shawn

    Clearly a fake .. bad photo editing.. the image inside was clearly pasted in as it it tilted..

  • Too many little inconsistencies – the light on the top of the phone doesn’t line up at all with the edge of the device. The change of hue above and below where the screen ends is also suspect. But a fair attempt!

  • Kolyan24k

    By the time it gets to Tmobile USA……I am gonna be fucking dead ! So my only option is HTC One S….but HTC bustards managed to f’up the coating

  • Guest

    I can show you an actual picture of this very top-secret new phone… but I can’t show you the icons on it.  Huh?

    Doesn’t anyone notice that the screen is twisted slightly to the right… and isn’t straight on the phone????

    Photoshopped.  And not even a GOOD photoshopped.