New details on Google Drive leaked, nothing spectacular

New details on Google Drive leaked, nothing spectacular

We’ve heard whispers here and there about Google’s cloud storage service, codenamed Google Drive. According to a recent leak, Drive may launch as soon as next week. Being Google, we expected to hear about some fantastic features in this leak. Sadly, all we know at this point is that the service will be similar to Dropbox, where users can save files to the cloud, and access them on a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Reportedly, Drive users will get 5GB of free storage, and of course the ability to purchase more at any time. Just like Dropbox, Google Drive will function as a folder on a PC or Mac.

Other than that, there’s not much else that’s known about the device. The screenshot above doesn’t really give any new information, either. The leaked info, which doesn’t actually give any new info, points to an April 24th launch, so we’ll probably just have to wait for more on Google’s latest venture.

Source Business Insider

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  1. Trinae Ross
    April 17, 10:43 Reply

    Google Drive can be a real Dropbox competitor if it can work across platforms and have selective sync with folders. Looking forward to the service when it launches.

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