27 new markets to get Verizon 4G LTE coverage on Thursday

27 new markets to get Verizon 4G LTE coverage on Thursday

While Sprint is just starting to launch LTE devices, Verizon is expanding its already existing LTE network, and it looks like 27 lucky markets are going to get a taste of LTE speeds soon. Big Red announced that it’ll be launching LTE in the following cities this Thursday. We took the liberty of breaking it down by state.

  • Alabama: Auburn and Tuscaloosa
  • Arkansas: Pine Bluff, Siloam Springs, and Van Buren
  • California: Visala/Porterville
  • Florida: Fort Walton Beach and Ocala
  • Georgia: Brunswick, LaGrange, and Macon/Warner
  • Illinois: Peoria
  • Indiana: Kokomo/Logansport and Marion
  • Kansas: Dodge City, Garden City, Great Bend, and Hays
  • Maryland: Salisbury
  • New York: Cattaraugus/Allegany
  • Ohio: Sandusky
  • Oklahoma: Ardmore and Ponca City
  • Oregon: Salem/Albany/Corvallis
  • South Dakota: Pierre
  • Texas: Big Springs and Tyler

So if you live in one of the cities above, Thursday will be your lucky day.  in addition to the expansion, Verizon has announced that they’re making improvements and enhancements in existing LTE markets, which include:

  • Arizona: Phoenix and Tucson
  • California: Bakersfield, Fresno, Modesto, Sacramento, Salinas/Monterey, San Diego, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo and Stockton
  • Colorado: Colorado Springs and Fort Collins/Loveland
  • Florida: Sarasota/Bradenton
  • Idaho: Boise/Nampa
  • Illinois: Carbondale/Marion and Rockford
  • Indiana: Fort Wayne and Indianapolis
  • Iowa: Des Moines
  • Massachusetts: Boston and Worcester
  • Michigan: Detroit
  • Missouri: St. Louis
  • Nevada: Las Vegas and Reno
  • New Hampshire: Manchester/Nashua
  • New Mexico: Albuquerque and Santa Fe
  • New York: Buffalo/Niagara Falls and NYC
  • Ohio: Akron, Cleveland and Columbus
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  • Oregon: Portland
  • Rhode Island: Providence/Pawtucket
  • Tennessee: Nashville
  • Texas: El Paso
  • Utah: Provo/Orem and Salt Lake City/Ogden
  • Washington: Olympia/Centralia and Spokane

Please excuse us while we take a mental breath…..

Now, if you live in any of the cities listed above, you’re either getting some fresh LTE love, or some improved coverage. Either one seems like a win to us. According to the numbers, Verizon will cover 230 markets with these new additions, which comprises about two-thirds of the population in the U.S.


So did your city make the list? Anyone feeling left out because they don’t have LTE coverage? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Dameron Ben
    April 17, 18:31 Reply

    Myrtle Beach, SC… arrghh…..! Switchedfrom iPhone 4S to galaxy nexus in anticipation of 4g. I think they are doing testing now but was hoping for official announcement any day now.

  2. Mmarhcs
    April 18, 10:21 Reply

    4g service is running in the Burlington VT area.  I think it’s still in the testing phase but we’re using it.

  3. davetheAndroid
    April 18, 18:22 Reply

    Simi Valley, CA gets nothing again. juuuuuust outside 4g coverage :( :( GGRR!

  4. Dave Clary
    April 18, 20:32 Reply

    This is a YGBSM situation. Big Spring, Texas, population 27000, 104th rank in the state, gets it. Corpus Christ, 8th largest city doesn’t. What the hell. VZW?!

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