March 28, 2015

Droid Fighter to be the Motorola Razr HD?


We first caught wind of the Droid Fighter back in February, in a leaked Verizon inventory shot. Obviously we’re past the rumored April 12th launch date, but there’s still some credibility to the rumor. Last month, a blurry shot (shown above) of a new Motorola device leaked, along with some specs and the Fighter name. TechRadar has some new information, in the form of some leaked EXIF files, on the Droid Fighter. According to the latest rumors, the Fighter will be packing quite a bit of oomph:

  • 4.6-inch 720p HD display (hence the Razr HD name)
  • ICS, most likely with a bit of Motorola flair thrown in
  • 16GB of onboard storage
  • A 13.1MP rear camera with the same f2.4 aperture as the iPhone 4S

Sadly, we don’t know more about the Razr HD at this point, but the given specs point to a powerhouse of a device. If Motorola releases the device with a Razr Maxx-esque battery, they could have another killer release on their hands. More on this as it develops.

So what do you think about Moto’s possible shift to screen resolution, as opposed to focusing on the biggest, baddest processor in a device? Anyone excited about the Razr HD so far? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Bob

    I only want this phone to come out, so the price of the Razr Maxx is dropped.  A camera with an increased MP only means more storage is taken up, not better pictures.  The size of the screen will be nice when playing videos and maybe other apps, but besides that the screen will be relatively the same size as the Razr Maxx due to on screen buttons.  The quality of the screen sounds nice, but not worth an extra $100 in my opinion (assuming Razr Maxx drops to 199 and Razr HD sells for 299, although maybe the price difference will be 249 and 299, respectively).

    • Trololol

      The fighter has no actual front buttons, so the screen WILL be larger than the razr maxx.

      • blah

        Bob wasn’t referring to the front softkeys that includes “settings”, “home”, “back”, and “search”.  He means that those sames keys that are located on the screen, not below like our current softkeys.  Which would explain the extra 0.3 inch of screen size, and won’t necessarily change the screen size for other things like app viewing or watching movies.  That is common with almost any android phone that runs on ICS.

  2. Brioguru

    I work for a company that gets discounts on Verizon devices. Two weeks ago, the discount price on a Razr MAXX was $249. This week it is $149. I assume that means that SOMETHING new on the high end is coming soon. I hope it is the Razr HD.

    • Twitter - @RegularJizzo_88

      your 100% correct.. once price drops on the previous high end phone it’ll only be a matter of weeks before something ” better ” is released

  3. Thom71gt

    My upgrade date passed last week on the “supposed” release day of April 12th.  I’m hanging onto my Droid X until this bad boy comes out.

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