Samsung to unveil new 10.1-inch tablet,cloud services on May 3?

Samsung to unveil new 10.1-inch tablet,cloud services on May 3?

Word on the street this afternoon is that Samsung will be unveiling yet another Android-based tablet at their May 3 Unpacked event.  According to “sources familiar with the matter”, Samsung is readying a dual-core Galaxy Tab with a 10.1-inch display.  And no, this is not the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1  — that’s said to be getting tweaked to include quad-core CPU before it arrives.

As to what this device will be and what’s it’s called remains to be seen, however this will probably lead to confusion among consumers.  When it’s all said and done, we’re hoping for a low-cost alternative to lesser known brands.

Also rumored to be on the agenda for May 3rd is a Samsung cloud service for file storage.  Much like Apple has with their iCloud service, Samsung would allow for users to back up files with a minimum of 5GB of storage.  It’s unclear as to whether additional, larger options will be available at a premium however we’d certainly hope so.  While nothing has been outlined in an official capacity, it’s suggested that Samsung’s service would not limit the types of files backed up, opening the door to more than just photos and videos.

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What would you like to see from Samsung on their tablet front?  What about cloud-based storage options?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  1. pixelperfect3
    April 20, 16:06 Reply

    Great – just more confusion.

    Do I buy the 10.1, the 8.9, the 7.0 plus, the 7.7, the 7.0 tab, the 10.1 note, the Tab 2 10.1 or this new one?

    Samsung is doing well but I think they would do a LOT better if they just get their heads straight for a second. Apple has massive thanks to only one phone and one tablet. It’s easy for the consumers to grasp and choose. Even I as a geek would be confused as to what I should go for when choosing a samsung tablet…they all look the same too. 

  2. Mike Silva
    April 20, 18:45 Reply

    Samsung should stick to OLED screens and Pure Android experience…

    I’d like to see an European version of Galaxy Tab 7.7 with LTE, Pure Android ICS and the new quad-core Samsung CPU – that would make me jump with confidence to a great tablet that have some warranty for future OS updates directly from Google.
    Removable battery would be great too even if that requires an additional 2 or 3 millimeters of thickness.

    • Mike Silva
      April 20, 18:48 Reply

      In the end, Samsung give us so many tablet options and they all share a fair bit of the same handicaps and software customizations…

  3. Mike Donatello
    April 21, 08:49 Reply

    I don’t understand why Samsung is not rolling out higher-rez screens, unless they don’t have a SoC that can manage without choking?

    I hate Apple, but the screen on the new iPad is gorgeous.  Samsung could easily match or beat that quality.  What’s the issue?  (I know that Asus is supposed to be coming out with more pixels sometime this year, but they’ll screw it up. Again.)

    • fooball
      April 22, 08:23 Reply

      They will shortly….2560×1600 res as rumor has it. The SOC is the Exynos 5250 built with ARM Cortex A15 architecture. The chip is going into mass production this quarter (2nd) and will have a Mali T-604 GPU that supports that resolution. Look for a Sammy tablet announcement soon with that beast in it. Will blow everything else out of the water. Period. No contest.

  4. broadband providers
    April 23, 01:20 Reply

     Samsung 10.1 tablet is already getting a good response but the thing about Samsung in case of mobile phones are it sometimes get hanged. I hope this wont be there in tablets.

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