HTC to compete with Samsung in the processor market?

Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers like Samsung are making their own chipsets for devices. ChinaTimes is reporting that HTC has teamed up with ST-Ericsson, and together they will create processor chips for their low end smartphones.

At the moment, this is only rumor, but if HTC is really making their own processor, then it means we’ll hopefully see some higher end Android phones from HTC. Theoretically, these would be cheap compared to current low-end devices, because HTC will be manufacturing the processor itself. Word on the street is that it will take at least 18 months before we see any device powered by an HTC processor, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

So who’s excited to see what an HTC-branded processor can do? Anyone think OEMs should stick to NVIDIA and Qualcomm-branded processors? Drop a comment below!

Source Android Community

  • TonyArcher

    If they avoided ever using Nvidia processors, that would be great.  First to market, quickly outclassed.  No mention of TI?  I know it’s like they skipped this generation, but once they make it to market their stuff is always quite good.

  • John

    Meh htc’s processor would probably be low quality.

    I wish all phones were using Exynos instead.