Google Drive announcement imminent today?

Google Drive announcement imminent today?

There’s usually an odd lack of fanfare whenever Google announces a new service. Sure, techie peeps like ourselves and our intrepid readers know what’s going on, but for the most part Google just likes to quietly slip new services in with their already impressive portfolio. A good example is the mysterious Google Drive, rumors and legends of which have been floating around the internet ether. Last week we had reported on a possible release date of today, and well…today has arrived. While there has of yet been no official release, the Google Docs support page has been primed. Visitors to the page will find a new instruction regarding Google Docs transference to a user, warning them to ensure that enough space exists in their Google Drive (which you can apparently check by clicking the Upload button). With 5 Gigs of space as a rumored free starting point (and coincidentally, Google Docs users now have 5 Gigs of space available beginning today…hmm), most users problems won’t find any problems with this.

Even Yahoo News has jumped into the Google Drive prep waters, apparently receiving word from an anonymous source regarding some features. Unsurprisingly, given Google’s heritage, Drive will have a robust search integration, allowing the user to search through whatever notes, images, and what-have-you that they have stored, and apparently from any Web-capable device. I’m sure this would include an official Android app, which would then probably be released to other mobile app stores at a later date. According to Yahoo’s source, there would also be some sort of image search voodoo for stored pictures and PDFs.

As the day progresses, of course we’ll know whether or not Google Drive’s unveiling will actually be today, but regardless, it does draw near. Will this be a service and tool you use, or will you stick with whatever cloud-based storage you already have? Let us know in the comments!

Source Google Docs support via The Verge, Yahoo News, Engadget

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