Galaxy S “dummybox” prototype reveals custom navigation softkeys

Despite a slew of mockups and fakes of the next generation Galaxy device, there hasn’t been any sort of actual leakage from the Samsung camp. This is a real triumph too, considering that we’re such a short time away from their grand unveiling. It seems however, that The Verge has managed to get a leaked picture from an anonymous donor. Before you get too excited, the device in the picture is in a “dummybox”, a mockup plastic housing that merely holds the internal hardware for testing. One bauble we can take away is the revelation of the custom navigation softkeys that Samsung is apparently planning on using. Never content with stock, you can see that Samsung swapped the multitasking and back button positions and changed the appearance of the menu key. Personally, I have mixed feelings on this, as I liked the simplicity of the stock menu key, but Samsung’s will probably be more noticeable for those that aren’t familiar with ICS.

What other modifications of ICS will Samsung make in the final product? We’ll know for sure on May 3rd, but we’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Let us know in the comments!

Source The Verge

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