CM9 Nightlies and ClockworkMod come to Sprint Galaxy Nexus

CM9 Nightlies and ClockworkMod come to Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Sprint Galaxy Nexus owners, get ready. CM9 has come to your device, along with the infamous ClockworkMod recovery. With as new as this device is, we’re surprised to see these official builds come to the SGN. Surprised, but not let down.

With the CM9 builds being nightlies, all you crack flashers will be able to get your fixes, and ClockworkMod is coming your way in both O.G. and touch versions.

Hit up the links below to get your builds, and happy flashing! Remember, the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is know (in developer terms) as the Toro Plus.

As always, AndroidGuys is not responsible for any bricking, loss of data, cuts, bruises, loss of wife / girlfriend, or inadvertent travel to other dimensions via Android Recovery Wormholes.

ClockworkMod Recovery

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